martes, 22 de mayo de 2012


26 coloring pages featuring upper and lower case to color, trace and learn. These are suitable for older toddlers, preschool, kindergarten and first grade. Click here to download a pdf in higher resolution.

Ideas on how to use the pages with preschool children:

  • Identify the letter on the page.
  • Point to the picture on the page and stress the letter's sound in that word "AAAlligator starts with A"
  • Ask what sound the letter makes.
  • Point to the capital letter and then to the small letter.
  • Color the pictures.
  • A sticker or stamp for a job well done is always nice!


Would you like to practice the alphabet with some multimedia games?
Register now and play free to our Toddler Section at PIPOGAMES.COM

These are some sample games:
"The notebook (level1)": it's a free game where the child can press on the letters to learn the letters. This is a basic game in initiating and learning the alphabet.
Click on the letters of the alphabet to learn them

Complete the puzzle.
I would love to hear your comments and ideas to make better activities and games :-)

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